1. astigmatic-eyes:

    astigmatic - d o n ` t s l i p


  2. spitzlang:

    A weird little demo I made many months ago
    Just for the net’


  3. spitzlang:

    New music

    thx 4 listening!


  4. New To Oros song!


  5. spitzlang:

    Another song off my debut album coming in the near future

    I was going to sing over this, but its kind of pretty jam packed with melody already.



  7. wurk in regress


  8. Elephant Ornament - Interview with Frontal Lobe (Official Video)


    video by spitz lang


  9. Drone-ing


  10. "poorly mixed. what’s new. me grandad’s banjo, me shitty acoustic and me juno-106"

    Acoustic Project from Tachyons